At Aseana we delight to serve you in a smooth way befitting our fine cashmere blankets and throws. A line of blankets from 2-ply up to the Super Lusso 10-ply. We admit, we do have a thing with colors and truly believe in Mae Wests' 'Too much of a good thing is just wonderful'. Here, we feel your discerned taste deserves an unparalleled selection of 1,900 color shades. Some may term it supererogatory...

Among our customers are top Wall Street investment houses, Greenwich Hedge Funds, LA entertainment boutiques, interior designers, fabulous hotels & resorts. And our blankets add to the comfort on some of the world's finest yachts.

Aseana Casa purveys some of the finest carpets in pure Tibetan wool. Be it contemporary, oriental or tribal design, our creations strive to emphasize your personal style of living.

Aseana Casa bedding & cushions wishes to enhance your bedroom environment by giving it that extra touch. A touch of refined elegance and subtle details. Words can not convey what a picture does. Please take a look by starting here.

Aseana Accessories features some fine handwoven 100% silk scarves in an unusual and shiny weave.

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